If you have Medical Assistance Coverage, you must complete an annual renewal to see if you are still eligible. Update your contact information at 1-877-395-8930 or click here. If you have any other questions please contact one of Star Community Health’s Financial Counselors.

Star Community Health

Practice Leaders

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  • Aracelis Albino, Practice Operations Manager
  • Augustina Ayala, Comm Board
  • Megan Borges-Brader, Practice Coordinator
  • Jessie Brooks, Van Coordinator
  • Mirelis Caban, Practice Coordinator
  • Morgan Carter, Practice coordinator
  • Tanya Claudio, Van Coordinator
  • Rosa Cruz, Sr. Practice Operations Manager
  • Angelique Dalessio, Practice Coordinator
  • Jessica Delgado, Front Office Coordinator
  • Victoria Gill, Practice Coordinator
  • Jackie Grier, Van Coordinator
  • Jessica Hollins, Practice Operations Manager
  • Rebecca Kassey, Clinical Coordinator
  • Andrea Linepensel, DON/Operations Manager
  • Annielle Marte, Practice Coordinator
  • Shandell Ort, Sr. Practice Operations Manager
  • Iveliz Pecho, Comm Board
  • Kat Rodriguez, Practice Operations Manager
  • Stephanie A. Rodriguez, Practice Coordinator
  • Christina Roethlein, Comm Board
  • Virginia Sabatar, Van Coordinator
  • Marilyn Santiago, Van Coordinator
  • Chris Swope, Sr. Practice Operations Manager
  • Jomira Vargas, Front Office Coordinator
  • Rebecca Zarzeka, Practice Coordinator