If you have Medical Assistance Coverage, you must complete an annual renewal to see if you are still eligible. Update your contact information at 1-877-395-8930 or click here. If you have any other questions please contact one of Star Community Health’s Financial Counselors.

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Are you interested in enrolling with health insurance or get a discount in your medical bills? We are here to help! Our Star Community financial counselors can help you apply. Call our financial counselor’s line to schedule an appointment 484-503-7827.

Sliding Fee Discount Program

Sliding fee discount program" (SFDP) is a schedule of discounts for service, or "sliding fee discount schedule" that ensures financial barriers to care are minimized for patients who meet certain eligibility criteria.

It is the policy of Star Community Health that no one will be denied services based on the inability to pay. The sliding fee discount is available for those who qualify on family size and gross income. We offer our Sliding Fee Program to insured and uninsured patients. Potential users of the sliding fee benefit must be able to provide verifiable documentation of household family members and total family income.

If you are not sure if you will qualify, please contact our financial counselors and they will guide you through the application process. Or you can apply here.

Medical / Dental Services Sliding Fee Discount Schedule
Programa de Descuentos de Tarifa Móvil de Servicios Médicos/Odontológicos

Annual Income Thresholds by Sliding Fee Discount Pay Class and Percent Poverty
Umbrales de Ingresos Anuales por Clase de Pago de Descuento de Tarifa Móvil y Pobreza en Porcentaje

Federal Poverty Income
Levels 2024
Niveles de Ingresos que Marcan la Línea de Pobreza Federal
0% -
101% - 125%
126% - 150%
151% - 200%
201% & Over
Family Size
Tamaño de la Familia
For each additional person, add:
Por cada persona adicional, agregue


Patient Pays
Pagos del Paciente
Medical Clinic
Clínica Médica
100% of charge
Dental – Routine Care
Dental - Cuidado de rutina
100% of charge
Dental – Non-Routine
(% of charges* plus Lab Fees**)
Dental - No de rutina
(% de cargos * más el costo del laboratorio**
100% of charge

*For non-routine procedures, see the front desk receptionist at your dental office.
*Consulte el Programa de Tarifas Dentales disponible en recepción o Asesor Financiero.

**Lab fees are charged at 100%. There is no discount for Lab fees.
**Costo del laboratorio dental cobrados al 100% (No hay descuentos disponibles)

Insurance Enrollment

  • Medicaid – You can apply for Pennsylvania Medicaid year-round. Our financial counselors are community partners through PA Compass, and they can assist you in completing an application.
  • MSP/LIS – Medicare Savings Program or the Extra Help – if you have Medicare and have limited income, we can help apply for Medicaid as your secondary insurance. Or if you don’t qualify for Medicaid as secondary, we can still help you apply for Extra Help for your Medications.
  • PA Pennie – Our counselors are certified assisters and can help you apply during open enrollment November 1 to January 15 or during the year if you have a “qualifying life event”.

For more information call 484-503-7827.